Joelle was rewarded with a rare treat at the seemingly mundane errand of grocery shopping. Like Santa, we told her, HEBuddy can only be at one H.E.B. at a time. First, some background. He’s a large, friendly, grocery bag with arms and a face. There is an assortment of groceries sticking out of the top of his bag. He has a dog named Max. He’s the H.E.B. kid mascot, plastered on all the H.E.B. kid material. Joelle says, “Mommie, his name is H.E.B., not HEBuddy.”

So, she sees him immediately when we walk in the door to the store. She runs up and gives him a huge hug, while other kids skirt by as far away as possible. After getting in the cart, we’re told to hang a left so she can see him again; however, he’s not stationed at the front door any longer…. he’s on the move. I thought he was going to the back to change, but, instead, it became a game to find H.E.B. as he roved around the store. “Mommie, I can still see his milk, he’s over there!” Indeed, we spotted a milk carton and a t-bone sticking up over the next aisle. I think he was getting a little nervous around his “biggest fan.”

When we thought, “ok, he must be gone by now,” we heard, “ATTENTION H.E.B. SHOPPERS – HEBUDDY IS IN THE HOUSE.” Joelle got in her “sic’ ’em mode” to seek him again. Who would want to shop at Randall’s or Kroger?