** Forgot to mention…. After our chaotic night, Joelle had hair that looked like the infamous Nick Nolte mugshot after her sweaty, toss and turn night. When she woke up a full hour later than usual, I laughed when I saw her hair. I told her to look in the mirror and she laughed, too.

** After Chris took her to Supercuts, she’s been crazy about playing barber shop with us. It’s a rough hair brushing, but it leaves your hair shiny and knot free. Watch out for stray strokes to the eye! She likes to put cute little barettes in daddy’s hair. I like the whale in his hair the best.

** Joelle won’t tell us a thing about her first day at school, but the next morning I was informed how every little girl had had her hair fixed. Then she told me what style she wanted for the day.

** If you don’t have a complex about losing your hair, Joelle will give it to you. She constantly talks about “what if” Daddy is bald and asks him if he’s losing all his hair. This all randomly started when Chris was reading her a Luann comic strip where the title character made a snide comment to her dad about going bald. In explaining the concept of bald, he mentioned that a lot of men lose their hair as they get older.