A storm rolled in around 8:30 last night. For our neighbors, who have lived here 8 years, that now means: “time to crank down the a/c.” I guess that should indicate to us that we should expect some power outages. Had my mom not mentioned a thunder storm warning when I was on the phone with her, I wouldn’t have even known that storms were in the area!

Lights go out at 8:56. A wail of complaint from Joelle’s room coincides with the darkness. Hm, I guess she’s not asleep. Chris and I stare at our laptops, battery operated, with an eerie glow and no internet connection. I go hunt around for a flashlight. Three out of six are operating. Good thing we have that gas lamp and no kerosene! I take the little one to Joelle. She’s now jumping with delight at the turn of events. It’s disco time in Jojo’s room.

Chris and I sigh and decide to go to bed before it gets too hot. Easier said then done. Our house didn’t actually get that hot. The thermostat was at 78 in the morning, where we always keep it, but the ceiling fans contribute more than I realized. Joelle wakes up at 3 am: “I’m all sweaty.” 4 am: “my diaper is loose.” 5 am: ?. Chris: “I’m just getting ready for work.” Yes, the electricity is still out. He has to remove the garage door from its track to get out. It’s 6 when he leaves and the lights will come on in 30 minutes.

The electricity comes on and the electric company calls to make sure. Yes, waking me up again. Twice, actually, once when the electricity is back and the CO dectector beeps and second with their phone call. Only silver lining to be woken up again? They told me the time as a courtesy. At this point, I was in such a fog, I had no idea what time it was AND I woke up enough to get up to crank down the ac.

On the way out of the garage, to Joelle’s first day of school, my antenna gets stuck on the unattached garage door and slams the door down on my car. The antennae is now bent and won’t go down and my car was hit on top by the door. The odds of that happening are so low. I ALWAYS have a madonna or shakira CD on for Joelle and Joelle is in my car 99% of the time. I just happened to have left Joelle at Nana’s the last time I drove!

This morning, the first thing I said to Chris was, “wow, that was just one night with no electricity. We’re definitely evacuating the next time a hurricane blows through. I can’t imagine going more than that without electricty.”