Joelle, as you have read from former posts, has been pestering us to get a pet. I sort of accidentally agreed to a fish when she first started asking for a puppy or kitten. I think I got caught off guard and was frightened by the prospect of a dog or cat! In any case, it was a fact to Joelle that she was getting a fish. She told Ms. Brenda, her new teacher, when she came for the home visit and asked if Joelle had a pet. She said, “No, but I’m getting a fish.”

The kids have to make an album of the things they love for their first day of school. Mostly, she has pictures of herself and Chuck E. Cheese from a Chuck E. Cheese ride (there are 6 of these, to be exact). So, I thought, well, why not. Let’s just get the fish now. So, on the way to the pet store, she decides she’ll name him “Football”. Nana and I must have thought the name was too cool, because she changed it to “sports ball.” Yes, sports ball, the fish. It has to be a first. Chris said, “… more generic, for all seasons.”

The fish is safely stowed in her room with the food safely put away. Joelle wanted to pour all of it in his bowl, so we decided it best to keep it put away until needed. He’s a pretty blue beta for those who like fish. The sales lady scared us away from goldfish because you have to change their water every 3 days. Supposedly. I had a goldfish and I know I didn’t do that. Whatever, sports ball is pretty.