Today, Joelle and I went to the library and I read to her a Dora wish book where all the little characters made a wish on a star before going to bed.  I turned to her and asked what she wanted to wish for.  First, she replied, “That I don’t have to sleep in my bed at night.”  I chuckled and said, “Dora and all her pals are in their beds, we all sleep in our beds.  Come on, wish for something real.”  So, she said, “Ok, I wish I could read the words.”  I was very impressed by how old she sounded and for her to vocalize such high aspirations for herself.  I told her what a wonderful wish that was and that we could make it happen.  Sigh, and I worry that she’s getting too spoiled.  At least she didn’t come up with a purely materialistic answer, like “Polly Pockets!” 

We did some cooking today together, too.  We had meatball soup for dinner and I decided that Joelle might have fun making the meatballs.  I thought she’d like the gooey, cold feel of the meat.  No, she was afraid it would be too messy.  She did enjoy mixing the food and playing like she was the “cooking boy.”  (You must tune into Noggin to get this last bit about “cooking boy.”  They have a little kid come on and he does his own cooking show for 5 minutes.  Today, it was fruit kebobs and smoothies.  The kid makes some awesome stuff!  How do I sign up for that deal?)  She said, “I want to make yummy food for mommie and daddy every night.”  She paused and followed up with, “…but not me.”  There goes my idea that she might try something she cooked!  When the onions made her cry, she said, “The onions are making my eyes sweet.”  I think she meant, “sweat.”