I used to be able to navigate suburban neighborhoods more easily than downtown Houston. Even more bizarre, I could name each model house in our neighborhood: Payson, Florence, Mesa, etc.

It’s as if I had a chip in my brain that has now been switched off. In driving through Sugarland on Saturday night, I got lost. I almost panicked. Each street seemed to be taking me in an infinite loop. My once keen sense of each unique house is gone. Each house looked like an identical clone to me. I had to backtrack and almost go back to where I started to figure out how to get out! I’m embarrassed to say that this isn’t the first time. I also got lost in Katy about a month ago. A friend was following me out and I had to pull over to confess to her that I was hopelessly lost.

What happened? Is it my mind making a mental statement of how I ultimately ended up feeling about suburban life? Have I just gotten too used to the lovely grid structure and repeating streets of older Houston neighborhoods? I think I’m perhaps getting too attached to my beloved 5 mile radius… I guess we won’t be joining the Amazing Race. That was my talent – always finding my way.