One of the best things about being a parent is getting to curl up to watch one of the traditional romantic classics.  Aside from the frustrating need for Joelle to skip the scary parts (Gus greedily carrying too much corn back to the mouse hole with Lucifer about to pounce), it’s a guilty pleasure to get to watch these old favorites. 

Joelle was electrified watching Cinderella.  She was literally on the edge of her seat watching it.  Chris had to remind her to sit down a few times because she was so jittery.  After the movie was over, Chris said something about her meeting her prince someday.  I piped in, “I met my prince… it’s your daddy.”  Joelle turned to me and asked, “Did you walk over a bridge with him?”  The question is so metaphorically appropriate and beautiful.  However, being almost 4, she was really just impacted by the scene where Cinderella and the prince literally walk over a bridge, but I like the question.  My initial response back to her was, “we’ve walked over many a bridge together.”  Her eyes got big. 

If I may get sappy for a moment, I like to now think of it as just one bridge.  Yes, we have literally accomplished many important milestones together and walked many bridges, but isn’t it romantic to just think of that one important bridge?  The one where you enter the bridge as two and cross the other side as one.  Some may say this is marriage, but I’ve long thought of marriage as just a formal institution of love.  I wish I could pinpoint the exact time when we crossed that bridge and had actually both fallen in love.  Was it the same exact moment?