Joelle has adamently refused to take tap.  Although she has been yearning to take ballet for a year now, she said that she didn’t want to take ballet if she had to take tap.  Sigh, since ALL kids like tap, almost all the preschool dance classes have it. 

You may wonder why she didn’t want to take tap?  The shoes are black.  She only wanted to wear pink shoes. 

Having reached a point where she was refusing to take any dance, I finally decided to take her to the dance store.  She first tried on the cute, little, pink ballet shoes.  Nana said, “these are REAL ballet shoes, not play.”  Joelle had a huge smile on her face and danced around.  I then asked the sales lady to just bring out the tap shoes for her to see.  I said, “We’re probably not going to buy them.  She doesn’t want to take tap.”  It helped that the sales lady was actually a teenager.  She was that strange age where she wasn’t old enough to not think Joelle was adorable and, of course, Joelle was in awe of her.  So, it helped that she came out saying how precious the tap shoes were.  When the box lid was lifted and the tissue removed, Joelle’s eyes lit up.  Perfect, shiny, tiny black tap shoes with a big bow!  She tried them on and was instantly in love.  She informed us that she was taking tap. 

End of a long ordeal, I hope.  We have exactly one week for her to change her mind.  Classes start 8/14.  Lesson learned, as a last resort for bribery, take a girl shopping!