I forgot how this got started – I guess I wanted to show Joelle what some of the singers she was hearing looked like online. So we watched a music video on Yahoo! Launchcast. As she wanted to see new videos, we had to tread carefully – you never know what is in a music video that you haven’t seen before…. So we had to turn to videos that we knew were safe, which turned out to be older videos that we had seen – old Michael Jackson videos, SELECT Madonna videos. The “cheese factor” is lost on her, all she sees is ‘new’ dance moves and hears new music.

“bad madonna video”

“good madonna video”

Anyway, we’re in Fuddrucker’s and we hear J. Geils Band‘s “Freezeframe” – I remember the video was interesting with paint flying around so I ask if she wants to see it. I had heard of an 80’s Music Videos Website so we went to see if it was on there. It wasn’t but as I scrolled down I see Men Without Hats – Safety Dance. Passes the “family” test if I recall correctly…. so I play the video.
Now Joelle wants to see it every night and the song is often in my head. Fine. What I’m really concerned with here is – was this as ridiculous in the 80’s as it is now? Would someone spend 2:45 to watch this and let me know your thoughts? Wow. Petie and I are split on if we would have thought it was silly in 1983.