There’s just this thing in life where you don’t appreciate your health until it’s gone. I’m fully aware that you can be a lot sicker than I was and that you can have zero help (I had Nana watch Joelle, my dad bringing me food and water and Chris handling the meds – yes, I’m very lucky!!)

Still, it sucks to be sick. I woke up at 4 in the morning with the cursed stomach bug. A friendly enough name for what I think is one of the worst ways to be sick! Thankfully, I called Chris at work to ask him to call my ob. I was worried about the baby getting dehydrated. I thought we’d get the same ‘ole, drink plenty of fluids, etc. Instead, a prescription was called in to make the nausea go away. Unfortunately, I had a violent reaction to that first one. So, Chris trudged back to the pharmacy for a go on a second prescription called in by the doctor. Turns out, this one, Zofran, is used for chemo patients to stop their nausea. Very cool stuff. It worked! I was able to eat and drink again. (Just water and broth, but what a luxury!) Without insurance, this drug cost $300 dollars for 10 pills. (at Sam’s)

Before Joelle was carted off to Nana’s, she brought me a few toys and informed me that I was interrupting her play when I had to be sick. She was also very concerned that I not “cough” in front of daddy, ’cause that would get daddy sick.