If you know me very well you probably know that I’m often easily impressed with a new website or application. Luckily I restrain myself and only blog about the most interesting ones. Here’s one that I think qualifies – partially because it’s a good idea and partially because I like the simple design.

Yes.com allows you to put in a zip code or a station’s call letters and you can look up what was played in the last 24 hours, see the station’s top 10 for this week or top 100 for this week/last week. Cool in case you (a) want to know who sang something you heard on the radio, (b) are looking for a station in a new area or one you are visiting, or (c) are looking to download some music and you want ideas (I will now go to a few local stations for ideas).

A side feature is a US map that shows what is starting to play as it starts…definitely worth a look, even if you don’t think you’ll use it that much. [via Lifehacker]