I couldn’t figure out how to fit this into the last post on opening the door to strangers and writing about the police helicopter reminded me of one of the scariest moments of my life.

Sarah, my best friend, and I were playing in our treehouse in my backyard. Suddenly, a police helicopter started circling what seemed like directly over us. We were petrified with fear because we thought at any moment, some guy would come jumping over the fence and climb into our house (it had a roof) to hide. Although we wanted to run to the big house and lock ourselves inside, we were too scared to expose ourselves in the yard. We were paralyzed with fear and felt very helpless.

So, now anytime a police helicopter is circling my area with their spotlight shining through the house and surrounding lawn, I really panic. This last time, we had left the garage door open and I was certain that the criminal would find their way into the garage and hide under our cars. Perfect hiding spot, right? So, against our better judgement, Chris went out to close the door and lock it. He even did a sweep of the garage before closing it. I pleaded with him to take a knife. I think he thought I was crazy. When he came back in, I could tell he was a tiny bit rattled though. It is scary!