Last night, during reading time before bed, Joelle specifically requested to skip the cricket story in Mouse Soup.  I commented, “oh, darn, that’s the only one I haven’t heard.”  She looked over at me with a serious face and told me that I should read it in my bed.  She trotted off to put it on my pillow.

Good thing I remembered to read it before going to sleep.  At 7:03, she sprinted into our bedroom – I barely had time to wake up before I was quizzed on my reading.  Mommie, “how many crickets were there?”  “Can you believe?”  “How could someone sleep with 10 crickets?”  “3 maybe, but not 10.”

Chris always says when she tells us, “Good job,” for fixing noodles, “I guess we give her a lot of praise.”  Well, I guess we do the same thing after we read to her.  We must ask her a lot of questions on what she read.  I like that she’s a mirror and we can see our parenting reflected in her actions.  (the good and the bad…)