I had a prenatal check today. Since I had an ultrasound during my last appointment, the doctor was only supposed to listen for the heartbeat today. After struggling to find the heartbeat for a few minutes, the doctor whipped out the ultrasound. She hypothesized, “it’s a boy, they always move around a lot.” Chris quickly pointed out that Joelle had done the same thing.

Luckily, Joelle had done the same thing because the first time it happened (the doctor not being able to find the heartbeat), I panicked. This time, I just agreed with Chris. The little baby wasn’t turning somersaults like Joelle was, but he was kicking up a storm. Dr. Levine said he posed for the “picture” and waved. So, I guess he was flailing his arms around, too.

The last time I went in, I had to go to another office for blood to be drawn. A crappy facility with NO place to lie down. So, luckily, I mentioned this to Dr. Levine and she let me use Quest (in the office) so I could lie down. What a difference! I just laid down for 5 minutes and was perfectly fine. Unlike the last time where I had to sit up and almost passed out. I was sick for hours after that! Ah, so nice to at least figure out how to not get sick when giving blood samples. (NOT a pint of blood, nothing seems to help me give that much blood.) No telling how much more this will cost if our insurance doesn’t cover it, but it might be worth the cost!