The TED Conference is an annual event held in Monterey, CA. It is (more or less) invite-only and is a series of seminars and discussions with world thought-leaders, movers and shakers. Now they have released some of these lectures on video/audio. This is your chance to check out some of these lectures that used to be available only to a select few (not to mention, $4000+ for those who even qualify).

Here is the list of available ones: TED Talks.

I’ve listened to:

  • Al Gore – discusses the climate crisis and urges people to become “carbon neutral”
  • Sir Ken Robinson – discusses traditional educational methods stifling creativity
  • Majora Carter – discusses inner cities and encourages sustainable development

I found all of the above speeches humorous and inspiring – I highly recommend listening to them or watching the video.

These others were good as well, but not in the same category as the top 3:

  • David Pogue – discusses simplicity in design (didn’t find it as funny as he meant it to be, personally)
  • Julia Sweeney – discusses her life and religion – very funny

Still plenty more to hear/watch (they appear to be adding a few every couple of weeks) – let me know if you listen to them and what you think. I know if you do, you won’t be disappointed.