I finally got to meet the little girl that Joelle has been telling me about all summer. Not in the most ideal circumstances, however. I picked Joelle up at school yesterday to crying and her frustrated refrain, “I wanted Nana to pick me up.” This little girl, Charlotte, trots over when she hears the drama. “Are you her mommie?” She was a little junior detective that could not, rightly so, understand why Joelle would be crying when her mommie came to pick her up. Funny now. Not so funny when I had to take Joelle home kicking and screaming.

Later, when we were discussing “the pickup” and I told her that I had never been more embarrassed in my entire life, she said, “and, but other kids cry at school.” “Indeed, they do,” I responded. (with a dramatic pause, I continued….) “at dropoff, not pickup. Most kidoes are sad to see their moms go and happy to see them come back.”

At least I know she does like school. I suppose in a strange way I would rather her cry at pickup vs. dropoff!