I don’t know if it’s Al Gore’s movie or what, but it sure seems like the environment is finally getting some much needed attention. Chris wrote this to me on IM, “Earlier this year Wal-Mart announced that it would seek to eliminate 30 percent of the energy used by stores, with the corporate goal of eventually being fueled 100 percent by renewable energy .The retailer also plans to eliminate 25 percent of the solid waste from U.S. stores in the next three years, with the corporate goal of producing zero waste.”

For those of you who don’t know, I hate Wal-mart. I go into those stores and get depressed. It just strikes me as a haven for everything I don’t like about America. The vast amount of “stuff” to own. It’s just overwhelming for me and I usually can only make myself go in one or two times a year. I like Sam’s though – go figure.

When Chris sent me this note, I immediately thought of selfish thoughts – oh no, will I have to support Wal-mart?? That’s pretty damn cool that they’re making a step to improve the environment. I have to admit it.