So, I hear about this website, Moola where they give you a penny and you play online games to double your money.

I find one of the games, “Gold Rush” fun and challenging and every once in a while will play a few games. Long story short – I got my account up to $10 and figured I’d cash out (the minimum to cash out is $10). They send me a check for $10 and we cash it. $10 I didn’t have before.The next day I see a “Foreign Debit Charge” taking $10 OUT of our account. Turns out that the Moola check is from a bank in Canada (where Moola is based) and my bank charges a $10 fee for cashing foreign checks. Easy come, easy go….

Edit 8/8/06: A lot of people have been inferring that is charging the fee – it is specifically the bank I use in the United States for cashing a foreign check.  I have changed the wording to be more clear.