Joelle loves to name things and count. She’s content all day looking at books and picking out names for people and then counting how many she’s named. I was reminded today of one of my absolute favorite things she named. I may have actually written about Sip sip in a previous post….

Honey brought back an adorable child’s chopstick set from China. I tried to save them as a neat thing to give her when she was old enough to perhaps master using chopsticks, but, alas, she found them and they were stowed away into her mass of “toys.” To us, the creatively challenged, they are simply chopsticks. What would she want with them?

She took one of them (it’s pink with a tiny pink bird on top) and started putting polly pocket clothing on it! She was so little and had such a hard time getting the clothing onto real polly pockets. Arms are such a fuss. This was brilliant… it’s just a stick and she could pull on and off dresses and skirts with ease. She’d go through each and every item of clothing in her box of polly pocket stuff. She named the chopstick, Sip sip. The other chopstick, Pow pow. She likes that one less because it has a ring on it – something to do with them being “training” chopsticks.

Her names as of late have been more eccentric. “Amarelia” type names. I miss the Sip sips and Pow pows.