* Immediately when we got there, she hopped out of the car and said, “I want to come here lots and lots and lots.”
* She found a tablet and started writing about “vacation bible school”. She likes to write in her vacation journal on vacations now – Nana started that in disney world.
* She asked “where’s the ‘turn up’, when I asked Chris to help me find the turn off.”
* Joelle asked why Nana and Poppie didn’t live in Wimberley. (She’s still trying to understand that they own that house and that it isn’t an hotel.) We told her that it’s because they loved her too much to be that far away. She said, “everyone loves me.” (matter of factly)
* Chris and I loved the assortment of bread products in the freezer: 1. Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits 2. Southern style oven baked biscuits 3. oven baked buttter tastin’ biscuits 4. oven baked butterflake dinner rolls. Nana said the last one was bought by Poppie on accident and, admittedly, we brought #3 with us (not knowing there were already so many there) because, well, it’s a tradition to have biscuits there. Even Joelle knows that.
* We have a new tradition…. we bought the game Cootie at brookshire brothers. Joelle likes to roll the die all the way up the driveway – that’s part of the game now. You should see the dice – VERY scratched up. šŸ™‚
* I think we picked every single pricess lea flower (that’s a mommie term, no idea what they really are called.) The next morning, when picking commenced again, Chris said in desperation, “did all these grow over night??”
* We made it all the way to the falls with Joelle this trip (first time!) and she loved throwing pebbles into the roaring current.