I was looking up tariffs in Australia (yes, for work) and this was the only story on their front page.

Chocolate delivers more “shock” than choc

Customs has intercepted more than 500 novelty chocolate bars and other items designed to deliver an electric shock destined for a Brisbane home.

Chocolate bars, chewing gum and pens were just some of the items discovered by Customs officers at the International Mail Handling Unit in Sydney when they selected a package from China for inspection.

It contained a range of novelty items designed to administer an electric shock including cigarette lighters, dice, toy pistols, calculators, mobile phones, staplers and torches.

I remember seeing this stuff in kids’ magazines and catalogs about 20 years ago. Who knew that in some countries you could face a fine of up to $80,000+? It must be a good thing for them that this is the biggest breaking story in Australian customs.

After looking at the US Customs site, I guess their web presence is really just for positive PR. The US appears to “mix it up” a bit though, with stories ranging from nuclear smuggling prevention efforts to a riveting piece on the changing procedures for bicyclists entering the port of Calexico.