I look out the window, perched in my usual blue chair where I work. I notice a white cadillac kind of drive over the curb getting into a neighbor’s driveway. She gets out, walks to the house. The whole time I’m thinking, huh, she seems a little older to be visiting that neigbhor. After standing at the door a long time, she gets back in her car and goes to the driveway of the next house over. I think she went to the wrong house! hehe. I’ve actually done that myself, but it’s funny to imagine someone having watched me do it! 🙂

Apparently, Nottingham West has had a crime surge (they are separated by Kirkwood from our neighborhood, luckily). If every neighbor could witness as much as we do sitting in our dueling blue chairs at night, I bet a lot of crime could be averted! Then again, we saw our blow up Christmas Tree get slashed, but didn’t exactly deter that from happening. We still comb the neighborhood streets for that black jeep… beware.