On the way to school today, Joelle informs me that she wants a pet. She says she wants a kitty cat. Darn, all these books touting happy kids and their friendly pets. Although, Chris and I prefer Olivia where Edwin the cat fits our picture of a cat. It goes something like this, “Olivia moves the cat, brushes her teeth and moves the cat….” However, most books picture sweet little puffs to cuddle up with.

I say, “well, Nana and Poppie have cats – those can be your pets.” She says, “nah, they aren’t friendly.” I laugh and say they are like most cats. I say, “maybe a goldfish.” She gets all excited until she remembers puppy dogs.

If only Joelle understood what a track record we have with pets. We have owned not one or two, but three pets that just didn’t work out. For all those folks who say, “first comes a pet, then a baby carriage…” Whatever, I can handle babies. I think they’re worth it – pets, well, they aren’t. I know all you pet lovers out there are aghast. Before you cast me off as an individual, I will say that I actually do LOVE pets. In fact, I don’t know what is wrong with me. I adored my dog, birds AND fish growing up and certainly like playing wither other people’s pets…

I think a goldfish sounds nice. I wonder how long we’ll get away with it?