Ironically, my morning sickness really picked up after Joelle got well from her stomach flu. It’s as though she passed on her nausea. Jeff gave me the “weenie” award at Schlitterbahn because I got sick on the lazy river, yes, the lazy river. I will say that the “lazy” river wasn’t so lazy at some parts. Anyway, Joelle sat on daddy’s tummy and we shared a double ring. On the fourth go around, I looked at Chris and said, “I’m going to be sick.” I was sick – luckily, I got out of the lazy river in time. That would have been embarrassing!

Earlier, Ashley and I had gotten on with Joelle on my tummy. (separate rings though – I say this because my arm is STILL sore from holding on for dear life.) I tell this story to enumerate the truth of the lazy river not being so lazy. We both wanted to float with our legs over the tube, but we could NOT get into the lazy river because the waves kept pushing us on shore. Finally, we both got grounded on the shoreline with the waves pounding on us. Joelle was dismayed, but we just laughed.

Finally, we asked a guy standing around to help us, but he misunderstood and started trying to pull Ashley out of the tube with her trying with all her might to stay in the tube! At last, we conveyed to him that we wanted in the river and he pushed us in. We would have then been fine, except that there is another branch to the river and, of course, we went the wrong way and ended up in the ocean part of the river where you, once again, get pushed to the shore with the waves. Very comical. Our jaunt around the lazy river took MUCH longer then the rest of the group (who I might add left us floundering on the shoreline in the first place!) 🙂