My car registration sticker expired, oh let’s just say a while ago. Even though we actually went through the trouble of changing our address to get new drivers’ licenses and Petie received her registration renewal I never got my renewal form.

On the way to a party the other night we hear an ad on the radio about how bad it is to have an expired auto registration. How often do you hear that advertised?

Anyway, I go in to renew it. I leave work a bit early since the office closes at 4:45. Roll in and see a long line. Typical. ‘NO CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED’ blares signs at 2 foot intervals in the office. That’s OK – I have $66 in cash and I know it’s $64.30 since Petie just renewed hers. Everyone in the line is renewing theirs – “$54.30 please”, “That will be $54.30”, “$54.30 cash or check” for 8 people in a row. Huh, I must have remembered wrong – 54, not 64.

I stroll up and lay $60 on the counter with my license and proof of insurance. So prepared. “That will be $125.30 if you want to renew through July 2007 or $72.30 if you want to renew just for the next month”. First lesson – it’s not like inspection stickers where you can miss a month and get it “free”. Second lesson – apparently cars model year 2004 and later are more and cars before 2000 are less (the popular $54.30 – why is it cheaper for older cars?).

I tell the lady that I only have $66 and that I don’t have a checkbook. “So”, she replies, “are you going to get it?” Uh, yeah. I was tempted to ask if I could charge it to my library card.