June 2006

Our neighborhood pool is having an apple pie eating contest for the 4th. They have one contest exclusively for the kids. I jokingly said to Chris, “hey, we can enter Joelle!” We both started laughing simultaneously. Joelle had just gone to a tea party where they served cherry cordials. Not knowing that a cherry was in the middle, she popped it in her mouth. Her face quickly turned sour and she spit it out. Later that day, she accused me of hiding a cherry in the banana bread. Clearly, hiding a cherry in chocolate is not on Joelle’s list of nice things to do.

So, you can see why Chris and I think it’s hilarious for her to be in an apple pie contest. She’d take one bite and spit it out! She’d be the world’s worst apple pie eatin’ princess. Should we do it just for the laugh!?


I had to share a funny story that Chris told me… He got the credit card bill and was reviewing the charges. One charge for $195 stuck out and the payee said, “Walt Disney….”. Immediately, he thought, “JOELLLLLLEEEE!” What did she do?

I thought it was hysterical that he already foresees the day when she’ll make some big charge without us knowing – tricky little kids.

(It was my charge, btw – for Lion King tickets).

I’m learning some things from being pregnant a second time. First, when someone tells you that every pregnancy is different. They’re wrong. So far, mine have been the same. I’m banking on that now because with Joelle my all-the-time sickness went away a few weeks before the second trimester. I hope that’s the case! Little girl has been so patient with a very sick mommie. At this point, I no longer believe anyone that says “each kid is different” either. I’m thinking we’ll have a very collicky, poor sleeping baby. That will grow into a very delightful toddler, like Joelle.

Second, you worry so much more with the second baby. I guess we were blissfully unaware of just how many awful things can happen to this baby growing inside of you the first go round. On the flip side, I think we truly appreciate what a miracle a healthy baby is. A lot of people answer, “just a healthy baby,” when asked if they want a girl or a boy. I say that… and really mean it this time. My mom confirmed that, although my worry has somewhat been shaped by a recent tragedy with my friend’s baby, we just know more with the second one. She worried constantly about me, but the thought never crossed her mind that something would be wrong with Joey.

Third, Joelle has no idea what’s going to be happening in her little life. There’s not much we can do to prepare her. I have complete faith that she will be an incredible big sister, but it’s going to really shock her. She’s excited by the idea, but doesn’t really understand. She doesn’t like change… I know this about her, so it should be interesting. She noticed that I had on a “sleeping” shirt to go work out the other day and pointed it out. I said, “mommie is already growing and I don’t like wearing tighter work out shirts.” She said, “Mommie, I don’t want you to get bigger!” Oh boy. If that bothers her…. see what I mean?

I asked Joelle tonight why she wanted a baby sister instead of a baby brother. She said, “I’m just trying to guess.” I couldn’t believe it! I asked again in a different way, “So, you don’t care if you have a brother or a sister.” She said, “nope.” Crazy smart.

Nana had told her two of the names we like for girls and one of them Joelle doesn’t care for: Jordan. I asked her why she didn’t like it tonight and she said, “It can be a boy or a girl name and it’s more for boys.” I’m thinking Nana told her that. How in the world would she know that? She doesn’t even know a Jordan! Nana, I’m on to you! 😉 By the way, Calliope is her favorite…

I was looking up tariffs in Australia (yes, for work) and this was the only story on their front page.

Chocolate delivers more “shock” than choc

Customs has intercepted more than 500 novelty chocolate bars and other items designed to deliver an electric shock destined for a Brisbane home.

Chocolate bars, chewing gum and pens were just some of the items discovered by Customs officers at the International Mail Handling Unit in Sydney when they selected a package from China for inspection.

It contained a range of novelty items designed to administer an electric shock including cigarette lighters, dice, toy pistols, calculators, mobile phones, staplers and torches.

I remember seeing this stuff in kids’ magazines and catalogs about 20 years ago. Who knew that in some countries you could face a fine of up to $80,000+? It must be a good thing for them that this is the biggest breaking story in Australian customs.

After looking at the US Customs site, I guess their web presence is really just for positive PR. The US appears to “mix it up” a bit though, with stories ranging from nuclear smuggling prevention efforts to a riveting piece on the changing procedures for bicyclists entering the port of Calexico.

Joelle was flipping through an oriental trading company mag today and pointed out some toys for the beach. A limbo thing, flamingo wind flyers, etc. She said, “Let’s get a lot of stuff to play on the beach so we don’t have to go in the water.”

Ok, maybe she’s not exactly the fish I thought she’d turn out to be.

Seriously, we don’t know much more after having our first ultrasound (there is NO way Dr. Levine could tell girl or boy at this point), but we do know that it’s just one baby!!!! She said, “this is good news, I think.” Chris and I both agreed with a quick, “yes, definitely.”

When I broke the news to Joelle that she would either have one brother or one sister, she said, “I want a sister.” Does this just mean we’ll definitely have a boy? Poor thing… she can’t get her way on any of it.

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