Joelle has a habit of stalling for bedtime. It’s the oldest parent and child dance, there is nothing new or unique about Joelle’s typical requests: I need to go potty, I need two straws instead of one, I need tissues… you get the idea. Tonight, she requested different socks after we’d already put on her socks. (Requesting the socks was already a stalling technique. It’s summer and she has a down comforter, socks aren’t needed.) Specifically, she wanted her “tink socks.” So, that’s where we drew the line. “No other socks. Good night.”

She didn’t fuss too long, but did come out again from her room with a request to go potty. So, while I was helping her go potty, I decided I would get her tink socks because she didn’t fuss so much. I wanted her to know that we get things for being good. My Dad once did that for me when my CD player broke. I complained and bitched about not having one. When I stopped fussing, one magically “fell off the truck” in front of my Dad and he gave me a new one.

Anyway, I know everyone is thinking, where is this story going??? Joelle had already put different socks on, UNDER the socks we’d put on. I asked her why she did that and she said, “So you wouldn’t know.”