So, Chris and I used to go to Pappasito’s every Friday night. We kept this up for a very long time. We once figured out just how much money we’d spent there and it was embarrassingly much.

We hadn’t gone in a long time, but decided on a whim to go tonight. Wow! I forgot how much I love that place. There is no coincidence that we own a full set of Pappasito’s “limited edition” glasses. Hands down, they have the best chips, salsa, margaritas and fajitas. Why go anywhere else for classic tex mex? However, I will say that we were both disappointed tonight to find that they’ve changed the birthday tune. It used to be “Hey baby, que paso? It’s your birthday we all know.” Thankfully, they still bring you the sombrero.

You may wonder why we had a hiatus… I think part of the reason is that we thought it was so FAR from our new house. Ironically, it’s 6 minutes from our new house and 2 exits. Our old house was over 10 exits from Pappacitos and 15 minutes.

Obviously our tolerance for driving has significantly been reduced since the move. Today, over coffee with my friend Alli, I asked her if she liked living in Houston. She said, “Yeah. Why do I feel like I have to qualify that or say something like, it’s crazy, but yeah?” It’s true that almost all Houstonians who love it here kind of sheepishly admit to it. We’re afraid people won’t understand why we love it here. I can say though that one reason I do love it here is our new area of town. I feel like we live in a small city, but have all the amenities of a big one. We unofficially counted tonight and think there are possibly over 100 restuaurants within 10 minutes of our house! Chris says, “I know why I like Houston – it’s cheap and we get everything a big city has to offer.”

Although Hungry’s, Sam’s and Sandy’s are all significantly closer to the house, I think my vote goes to making the “trek” to Pappasito’s now and again. I sure did miss that place. (Yes, Joelle LOVED it, too. She actually had a round belly after dinner. Their “kid” sundae was enough to feed three people. It was HUGE.)