On the way to swim tonight, Joelle reported to us that she had spines on her arms. (Arm hair) She said, “I don’t want them there.” Hm… She commented on another song that came on, too. “What? What, are they saying to teach us to say ‘good-bye’? We know how to say ‘good-bye!’ ” (The song says, “Learn to say good-bye.”) By the way, she dove off the pool edge to Dad over 25 times at the pool. She has had a complete turn around with the water in one week. It’s amazing. She was even eyeing the mushroom waterfall at the pool. I think she contemplated running under it! That guarantees getting wet.

Other Joelle snippets:
* The other night, Joelle thought her injury of falling on the concrete was particularly painful. She said, “I want a parent band-aid.” (Plain brown, no character)
*Randomly wished nana and poppie a happy thanksgiving when they left the other day. She often likes to give us hugs and wish us a happy valentine’s day.
* “Nah, I don’t want water. Water will spoil me up.”
*We were reminded of something Joelle used to say A LOT when she pulled it out of the air and said,”take away” for the water. (She wanted juice). She used to say that for 30 minutes straight when she got frustratedwith a toy when she was much younger.