Today, Jojo asked me, “What does it feel like to be a girl?” I responded, “I dunno. You’re a girl. What does it feel like?” She said, “kinda dancey.” Girls, take that to heart. There’s the good and the bad to being a girl, but it’s always, “kinda dancey.”

For those of you who are Madonna savvy, the question comes from yet another song of hers. Yes, I skip the songs that aren’t something I want her to hear, because she is listening very carefully to the lyrics now. Like, she asked me today why, in a song, they said, “…tell the sun not to shine.” I found it strangely hard to explain that the song writer was explaining that love is true because she says, “tell me love isn’t true, tell me the sun doesn’t shine…”

On another unrelated singing note, we were serenaded tonight to… “Jeremiah was a book club.” Tia Ria and Uncle Joey will have to bring down music when they visit to introduce her to more. She loves it.