Today, after Joelle’s third swim lesson, she asked me to sign her up for more. Yes, two days ago she was pleading with me to never take her again. I still see a few bumps in the road as she gets more and more used to going under water, but she’s definitely seen the light! She was SO proud of herself after finishing class today. It was a lovely thing to see.

So, when I signed her up for more swim classes… they asked me what coach I wanted and I said, “um, actually, I know this is really random, but can we get in a purple or pink poker chip class?” Wouldn’t you know, they’re all booked up. So, Joelle got special permission to take a purple chip for her extension classes. (The extended classes are just once a week, thankfully. I see the purpose in going every day for these first 2 weeks, but it’s wiping me out.)