Turn the corner in this random neighborhood of Southwest Houston, and you’ve discovered the Mecca of swimming. In a sea of tastefully neutral SUVs and minivans, the cars are crammed into all four streets leading to the Ka’bah, the pool.

Every 30 minutes, a new flock is herded to the pool for lessons. Today, the pink ring was not given to her. It had to be earned. In the first class, the instructor ended the class by giving them each a diving ring. Joelle, being materialistic, loved this part of the class. In this second class, they actually had to dive for it (with the help of the coach) and Joelle did it!

She did cry the majority of the class, but did every task and was proud of herself in the end for doing all the tasks. She did also break into one tiny smile when the 4 kids in the class got their own two buoys to clutch before being paraded around the pool with Coach Rudy. Four little ducklings holding tight to the buoy that kept them afloat.

Swimming to the promised land… If she learns to go under water in these two weeks, I’m a believer.