So, Joelle started her intensive 2 week swim lesson regimen. 2 weeks, every day. fun.

Once the garage door lifted, the new crew of swimmers ran in for their 30 minute session. Joelle, although ticked that she didn’t get the pink or purple poker chip (each teacher has a color poker chip and the kid has to find their teacher’s basket to put the chip in), was eager enough and ran to find her coach. We, the parents, watch from behind a mirrored observation room – just like in law and order. She was happy, listening to the coach and doing as instructed while with him or playing with the watering can / trying on googles when it wasn’t her turn. Until…

She was dunked underwater. I heard her scream from behind the glass observation room. She cried through the rest of the 15 minutes left. TWO different life guards came over to cheer her up. I could see that she was giving them quite an earful; however, she was not to be consoled. I continued to hear about it for the 30 minutes home. I just kept repeating, “give it two weeks, every day for two weeks and if you still don’t like it, I won’t make you go again.”

Somehow, she got it in her head that she won’t be dunked again. Good luck with that tomorrow Coach Rudy.

As another consolation approach, we told her about all the things she can do in the water once she learns to swim. Go down slides, play under the water with googles, join a swim team, etc. So, we told her what swim teams we were on and what she could be on: barracudas (Petie), gators (Chris) or the sharks (her swim team in the future — maybe). Poppie said she could be a barracuda like her momma and she said, “No, I want to be a duckie.” I said, “You know even duckies put their heads under water.” I got quite a scowl on that remark.

The saga will continue… 2 weeks, will they break her?