One day while jogging I found a track less than a mile away and told Petie about it. She goes running the next day and runs on the track. I mention that it’s annoying that it’s so close to IHOP, you have to smell pancakes while running. She’s surprised I can smell that from the track. She mentions that the track isn’t in great condition. It looks pretty new to me. Odd that people running on the same track see things so differently.

Anyway, I went to run some timed intervals so I needed to run 1/4 mile in 2 minutes. I take off and do a lap in just over a minute. Obviously the track isn’t 1/4 mile, it’s 1/8 mile. I tell this to Petie, thinking that she’s only been running half as far as she thought. Turns out she found a DIFFERENT track that was similarly close to our house. She happened to run across a random field on the way to “my” track to get to it. 🙂

Another story: One morning (around 5:45 am) I’m running on a sidewalk next to a major cross street near our neighborhood. A car passes by and slows down. I hear someone in the car yell “HEY….WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOING?……..JOGGING??” and then they laugh and speed away. Drive by jogger heckling. I’m not sure if they have that category on the neighborhood crime report.