I never thought much about our sense of humor being developed over time, but we can see that is the case with Joelle. Over the last few months she’s started to tell jokes.

I think it probably started when Nana got her a Disney advent calendar that had riddles on it. Example: What do you call a dance that you hold in the winter? A snow ball! We would emphasize the answer with a smile and laughter and she would just laugh as a reaction, having no clue what was so funny.

However, she picked up the pattern: Why did NOUN VERB NOUN? Because XYZ!! HA HA!! So now she’ll get on a roll and want to tell us jokes. Last night she gave us a few like: “Why did the sun talk to the cloud? Because it was moonlight time!” and “Why did the milk talk to the lemonade? Because he liked the sweet!” Usually she’ll speed up her talking and start laughing as she is giving us the “punchline”. Last night she thought a couple were funny enough to give a real belly laugh instead of just the “ha ha” kind of laugh.