We actually did keep an archaic journel (in pen!) of some of the things Joelle has done and said. I will start to slowly add them to this format so that they will all be in one spot… and to share them, of course!

* Calls chapstick, “chopstick.” She was rubbing it all over her belly one day. Shocked, we asked why and she said, “I’m putting on my deodorant.”
* She drops the consonants off words sometimes – fru nacks (fruit snacks).
* After we moved to the new house, Nana was taking Joelle home one day. Joelle was complaining about something and Nana said, “Don’t worry this will be a fast trip.” Joelle said, “Nana, do you know a short cut?”
* When Nana and Poppie came over to pick me up for dinner one night (Joelle was in the car), she said, “Why are we stopping at Petie’s house?”
* Nana gave Joelle a bath and later she figured out that her pig tails got wet. She said, “What did my Nana do to me?”

* When she wanted a Quaker bar she said, “I need to eat or my tummy will growl.”
* When saying “back and forth,” she says “back and for with.”

* When she asked daddy why she couldn’t sleep with a necklace around her neck one night, Chris responded, “…because you could choke and die.” (He’d had a long night, ok). She said, “No, I’m not gonna dye blue. I’m not going to dye orange or brown. not going to dye pink.”
* When daddy was reading a story to Joelle and came to a part that said “karate instructor,” she stopped him and said, “no, karate teacher.” She made him re-read it.
* At her birthday party, she desperately tried to make every kid wear a party hat. She looks very focused in all the photos.