For Mother’s Day dinner, we went to Hungry’s (Nana, Poppie, me, Chris and Joelle). This was NOT to Joelle’s liking. She wanted to go to Fuddrucker’s. Again. Luckily, there are two reasons she likes Fuddrucker’s: free cookie and lemonade. Hungry’s fulfilled both prerequisites, so I think we’ll be able to “drag” her there again.

They gave all Mothers a free dessert last night. Additionally, we still got the free cookie. So, we asked Joelle if she wanted some of my chocolate cake or her cookie. She said her cookie, but after getting a lick of my chocolate icing, she quickly realized her folly. I proceeded to give her all the icing of the cake, her favorite. When I took a bite of the cake, she said, “What are you doing with MY cake!” We all got a good laugh out of that one. She didn’t even like the rest of the cake, which had layers of mousse.

Oh, one other result of last night. There was one other table with a family that had 6 kids. Chris and I were in shock and I think we did make a few comments because they were up and down and back and forth to the bathroom a lot. So, this morning Joelle tells me she wants 6 brothers and sisters. I said, “yeah, you’ll be lucky to get one.” She then said, “no, I want one brother and one sister.” I said, “The only way you’re getting that is if we have twins.” She said, “yes, I want twins.” We continued back and forth like that until it was actually a true argument. “Joelle, I can’t decide that – twins are luck of the draw.” Joelle: “I want twins.” Folks, this is going to be the true test of Joelle’s will. I see us having twins. (No, I’m not pregnant…. Although, Joelle sure acts like I am….)