Reason #452 why Joelle isn’t ready to be a CIA operative – she loves to spill the beans. Against logic and past experience, I decided on Friday to show her what “she” was giving Petie as a mother’s day present.

About five minutes later we are in another room playing and Petie comes in. Joelle says “you’re getting a present!”. OK, no problems yet.

You see, we went over this a number of times because I knew it would come up. “Joelle, the important thing is to not say WHAT the present is”. We even tried a few role playing experiments to see if I could get her to say what it was and to see if she would tell. She passed. However, come crunch time, the preparation went out the window.

Joelle whispers “it’s a necklace”. I say, “you weren’t supposed to tell her – it’s a secret. So Joelle responds (in a whisper) “but I told her softly”. Close!

The next day, my mom was getting her mother’s day gift which was clothing, including a scarf. As she’s opening her present, Joelle says “hey, daddy is the scarf in there?”

When Joelle first told Petie what her present was, she thought I might have fed her misinformation to trick her. I think I’ll have to use that for the next “present” occasion just for fun. Maybe for my dad’s birthday I’ll tell Joelle we’re getting him a tie (he doesn’t have much need for a tie) so when he’s opening the box she’ll blurt out “It’s a tie!!!” before he finds out whatever it really is…