It occured to me while working out today that Joey and I both benefited from our parents working out all the time. My dad was an avid swimmer when I was little. He would go swim laps while I played on the bleachers at the dad’s club. Mom played tennis – even playing against my future mother-in-law once. (No, Chris and I didn’t meet then, but I like to think it was already in the cards.)

It sounds like Joey is turning into an accomplished biker and I’ve now uped my workout schedule to at least 5 times a week, usually 6. …and I feel like I need to do more! I hope Joelle also turns into an athletic type. With our genes, I fear that she’ll inherit the dreaded slow metabolism. I wish for her three things in life: 1. To workout because you like it (meaning she has a naturally fast metabolism) 2. To find true love and 3. To have a passion that leads you to what you want to do with your life.

So, it is hard to keep motivated about working out. Here are some of my tips…
* Working out to music helps so much. For example, I usually watch TV or read, but I just jammed to my Dell with this past workout and burned 20 more calories then usual!
* Learn to be an avid people watcher. I know everyone who comes to my typical classes. One of my favorites is “Jane Fonda” who must have been a cheerleader. She has coordinating arm and leg movements for everything. After 1o minutes into most classes, the avg person ceases to use the arms much. Not this girl. She also has her step on the highest setting. Even Chris can’t go above setting 2. The best though is the “green beans”. After the new year, I get frustrated that I have to get to class earlier to get a spot because of all the new year’s resolutioners, but I’m at least rewarded with some new blood. I love to watch them flounder and leave within 5 minutes. Mean, I know. It’s so entertaining though!
* When all else falls, just watch tv or read. It’s a slower workout, less motivation, but at least you’re moving.

Some exercise dont’s….
* try not to forget to fill up the water before you get on the glider. I once walked in to find the bottle on the floor where Chris had thrown it in frustration.
* Avoid going to class when it’s expo weekend or a holiday, they are likely cancelled.
* Know when the AC is out at the gym (I’m kidding on this one, how could you know? I have gone over a dozen times when the AC is out in the Group X room. Although you burn more calories, this is VERY frustrating.)
* Avoid classes where it’s obvious that the mean age is much older then you. You won’t get much of a work out and the music generally sucks.
* Remember to charge up your batteries on the IPOD, Rio, Dell or whatever “flavor” you use.