Petie compared being a parent to being a detective, there’s also an element of being a translator. The language is unique to each young child but it has elements that are common among children. Who knew that some of these elements could be applied at work?

I’m at work as our Houston office and our Dallas office are having a joint meeting via phone in a conference room. The Dallas office is running the presentation and we are looking at documents separately via my laptop in Houston. When I asked which document they had up, the connection breaks up. We hear “It’s the document titled Huh-uh-ay-ay-mmm”. I immediately pull up the document titled “Hurricane Claim Form.doc” from the list of 20-25 documents.

Alan (co-worker) says “only someone with a little kid could have understood that gibberish”.

Too bad they start speaking more clearly just as they are coming of the age where they will start saying some embarassing things in public 🙂