I greet the I-10 expansion with predictable glee. After all, if I drive past my beloved “5 mile radius,” I use I-10 as my main vein to get where I need to go. However, I will say that on my drive home from a lunch and a visit to daddy’s office, I had a moment of confusion. The I-10 construction isn’t just an expansion, it’s actually recreating the entire freeway and everything on the feeder. What was the Old Katy Road is now the new feeder. That alone is HUGE. They’re tearing down some businesses and leaving others standing – I’d seriously like to know how they decided that and how some businesses drew the ace. Anyway, aside from my 4 year stint in San Antonio and 5 year hiatus in Spring, I have lived on I-10. That’s 22 years of driving down the same freeway – a lot. (I went to high school in town…)

So, I realize this about myself… While I am grateful for change and welcome the 6 lanes of concrete heading our way (I think 6 lanes each way), I am also sad for the way it was. Perhaps this is the underlying reason why I was so skeptical about having a second baby. I love our family now and was scared to mix up the make-up of our bonds. I think though that it will only be bigger and better and that I’ll get used to all the changes that come along with it. I think I’m getting used to the idea and it’s ok to try. Kids do make good blog material.