Chris makes me laugh. Out of the top 5 reasons I love him, one has got to be that he makes me laugh. Joelle rushed in from Luby’s with Nana and Poppie (Nan and pawpE at the moment). She had her usual balloon and “goodie bag.” I heard Chris say, “Let’s see what in your Luby’s bag today!” The bag has the same stuff in it every time, so as he pulled the items out, he spoke loudly so I could hear from the other room…. “graham crackers, crayons and a wet wipe!” Then Joelle held up a straw and said, “.. and a STRAW!” The straw was new so he spoke in his game show contestant voice… “You’ve won a straw.” The best part is Joelle did think it was a treasure. She immediately ran to take into her “sleeping” room to put it in her drink cup.

Just a normal moment in our household and I was smiling listening to it.