As I mentioned in our House Story below, our number apparently used to belong to “Cindy’s Centerfold” (an escort service) which gives us the privilege of receiving lots of fun calls starting with “Hi, I, uh, was, uh, calling about, uh, about your ad in the Yellow Pages?” And then there are the people who must think that we think they are cops:
Them: “I’m calling about the escort service”
Me: “This is not an escort service, this is a house, you have an old ad”
Them: “C’mon, man. I’m calling about the escort service”

Today we got another call from a yellow pages ad for some kind of garage door service called “First Choice”. Hmm, I wonder if Cindy’s had a lot of people calling First Choice and asking for “prompt service”. (You could go on, but I won’t.)

On my cell phone a common wrong number is for K&K Vintage Motorcars – the area code is 713 and mine is 281. At least it’s straightforward – I know what to tell them when someone asks if I want to buy a car.

I also get a bunch of calls (dying down over time) for Phillip. He apparently had the number before me. Common dialog:
Them: “Heeeeey what’s UP!!??”
Me: “Who is this?”
Them: “Phillip?”

The best one though was this conversation that I had last year (a good 2-3 years after getting this number):
unknown female voice: “Hey there!”
me: “Who is this?”
her: “C’mon you know”
me: “hmm…nope, who is this?”
her: “c’mon your favorite cousin!” (she seemed very amused that Phillip couldn’t figure this out)
me: (lying) “I don’t have any cousins”
her: “SHUT UP Phillip, you know who it is” (getting slightly edgy)
me: “really I don’t and this hasn’t been Phillip’s number for at least two years so maybe you should call him more often”