Chris wanders in the den and says, “At some point, we all become afraid of thunder and girls become indecisive about what to wear.”

I would add to that, all kids learn to whine. Sigh. Luckily, we are moving a little away from the whining phase. Erin, her friend at school and out of school, helped with that. Her teacher told me that she was whining at school and Erin walked up and imitated her! Ah, the good parts of peer pressure. I’m relishing it while I can.

Joelle, for the first time, came running into our room when there was a thunder storm last week. How strange at 3 1/2 to suddenly have this fear. Either that, or she’s figured out another excuse for coming out of her room. (Currently, having to go potty is the ONLY other one allowed.)

When Chris was helping her get dressed the other day, she wandered in the closet. With her finger tapping her lips, she said, “hm, what to wear today.”