Sat, 7/30/05 – 1:30 pm
Michael calls – the new couple is just about ready to sign the revised offer to match Gary’s they just want to see the house one more time.

Sat, 7/30/05 – 5:45 pm
They are ready – the deal should be in hand by Monday.

Mon, 8/1/05 – 12:45 pm
Old Republic Title calls with an update and says that Gary can’t close Tuesday, but maybe Wednesday. RIGHT!!!!!! I’ll just be sittin’ by the phone! Having said that, if he miraculously comes through first, it’s fine with me – we just don’t want two houses.

Wed, 8/3/05
Michael says the new couple is ready and could close within 14 days. He told this to Gary and Gary said he could close by the end of the week (ha). Since we don’t technically have a contract with anyone at this point, whoever closes first wins in our book.

Thurs, 8/4/05 – 2:00 pm
We close on Barryknoll. Yay!! . Feels very strange to buy a house and still go home to live with the in-laws. (They will be leasing it back from us until 9/1). Jennifer at work calls us “land barons” now that we own two properties.

Thurs, 8/4/05 – 5:00 pm
The new couple has just a few contract changes to make. Gary claims he can close tomorrow even though the title company doesn’t have closing instructions (translation: he’s lying).

Fri, 8/5/05 – 10:00 am
Michael gives Gary an ultimatum: it’s either today or nothing. Gary says he can give us phone numbers of bankers who will vouch for the loan being processed. Michael says if Yolanda gives up another $1,000 of non-refundable earnest money then we’ll sign an extension with them.

Fri, 8/5/05 – 1:00 pm
We see a fax from Gary to Michael that says they are clear to close on 8/9. The fax was sent 8/3. So he knew a couple of days ago that it wouldn’t happen this week. While we’ve said it before, now is really the time to give up on Gary. Until now we didn’t have any better options. We sign the contract for the new people and fill out a request to try to get the earnest money from Yolanda since they never requested an extension and are out of contract. But, since we haven’t seen earnest money from the new people, we wait to give the contract to Michael.