Mon, 6/27/05
Petie says “I’m surprised Ruthann (the realtor helping us buy a house) hasn’t called to see how we are doing.” It has been about three weeks since we are now waiting for an offer to even begin looking again. Literally two minutes later the phone rings – it’s Ruthann. We tell her that we have hope for a contract but it looks shaky. After she hangs up we wonder if she called because Michael changed the status on our house to “Option Pending”. Turns out he did.

Tues, 6/28/05
Michael confirms that Gary has finally filled in all the blanks and has all the paperwork to him. Option period ends 7/7/05. We close on 7/20/05. Maybe THIS one will work better than the last one?

Thurs, 6/30/05
Phone is dead. Whoops – forgot to “cancel the cancel” from before when we were planning on moving out. Later that day DSL goes out because our phone account was cancelled. Without going into detail, it literally takes about a week to get service again. Next time we’re not cancelling things until after we have cash in hand for the house!

Fri 7/1/05 – Tues 7/5/05
Yolanda (person who has submitted the contract through Gary) has inspectors come and inspect our house. Our house is appraised by the bank.

Thurs 7/7/05
They fax us a copy of the inspection report with minor things (that don’t even need to be done, really) and I say we just offer them $250 since it’s the last day of the option period for them.

Fri 7/8/05
I see a house online (the Barryknoll House) that looks like it could be perfect for us. We had gone the previous weekend and had pretty much been left with no great prospects, so this was exciting that a new one might be on the market. That night it’s no longer online. (Sold already??)

Sat 7/9/05
I call the realtor of the house that was online (luckily I had written it down). He said it was a computer glitch and it’s online now. He had 13 calls and 6 showings the first day so he suggests we see it at the Open House on Sunday. We decide to see it that day. We go once by ourselves and once with our realtor. After discussing it for about 30 seconds we decide to write up an offer on the spot – it’s perfect.

Sun 7/10/05
After the open house they call and we agree to an amount slightly below list price. We close on 7/28 and they will lease it back until 8/12. Since we are closing on 7/20/05 we will have to move in with Petie’s parents for almost a month, but that’s not the end of the world.

Michael calls back and says that Gary wants us to make the repairs. They have no say since the option period is over but we don’t want to screw anything up so we agree to have people come look at it. Over the next few days we spend about $425 on them to make them happy.

Mon 7/11/05 – Mon 7/18/05
We have inspections on Barryknoll and do a lot of moving. We completely move out of our house on 7/18 since Yolanda is closing on Wednesday.

Tues 7/19/05
The title company calls and says “We just received a call from your buyer and they wanted to let you know that the closing that was supposed to be tomorrow is postponed. The earliest they can close now is 8/1.”

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